Device Serial Number Required
In order to unlock DreamMapper’s full capabilities you will need to provide the Device Serial number that is on your Philips Sleep Therapy Device.
Please visit the Settings page to enter it.
Mask Setup Required
Providing DreamMapper with the mask that you use for your therapy will allow us to assist you in obtaining good mask fit.
Please visit our Mask Selection page to select your mask.

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Authorization for Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party
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I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions.
I agree for my personal data to be processed in the DreamMapper App for creating my account and user profile and to provide a view of usage of my therapy device (s) to assist me with complying with my sleep therapy goals. Please review the attached Privacy Notice for more detailed information on what personal data we process and how we use data to provide you services. The Privacy Notice can provide you information on how we use data to provide DreamMapper services to you. I agree that my personal data can be processed to create my account and user profile.

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